Crabby Bill's offers free meals to law enforcement

The CEO of Crabby Bills is giving away free sandwich meals to all law enforcement officers. He says he wants to honor them at a time when it's more difficult to be a law enforcement officer than ever before.  "It really gives us a renewed vigor to come out here and patrol the city, kind of like a pat on the back. We see you guys, we thank you."

Police officers like Troy Telleria are getting some delicious appreciation, served on a plate!  "I think its fantastic. Especially Crabby Bills which is a corner stone of the city to really step up on today's climate, where a lot of people don' t like police officers."   Officer Telleria says it's challenging. "I think some people jump on the band wagon where they think it's cool to do that. Where they think they're getting street credit for doing that. When in reality we're just out here patrolling, trying to make it safe."

That's why the CEO of Crabby Bills, wanted to make a difference, by offering free meals which would normally range from $9 to $16 per person.   We talked to Carly Mcgrinn about the appetizing recognition. "There's been recent news of local law enforcement being denied service in other restaurants and our CEO Greg Powers said that we need to step out of that box and show everyone that Crabby Bills cares."They picked the United Nations "International Day of Peace" to send their message. "It's awesome, we feel honored to be able to show them. My little brother is a deputy sheriff in Seminole County so I realize what he goes through day in and day out."

Officer Telleria says, "It's something we love to do. We don't do it for the money we do it to help people. Do it day in, day out. It's long hours, hard work and every once in a while we get recognized by a place like Crabby Bills. Makes it all worth it!!"

After Monday, all law enforcement officers will still receive a 25 percent discount off all their meals. Crabby Bills has locations in St. Cloud and Clearwater Beach.