Couple says 'I do' -- with a bang

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It's a far cry from a church or some fancy banquet hall, but to Melissa and Gary Webb, the gun range was the only place to say "I do."

"When he jokingly suggested getting married here, I took him serious. I said, 'let's do it," Melissa said.

The Shooters World on Fletcher Avenue means something to the couple. It's where Gary took his blushing bride on their very first date, a little over a year ago.

"I'm a widow. I was living alone and needed to know how to protect myself. At work one day, I mentioned to a couple of coworkers if I could go to the range with them, so I would be comfortable with a gun," she recalled.


Gary stepped up for the job.

"After that, it's all history," he explained.

Shooters World held their Sunday ceremony in a back conference room, converted into a reception hall. Centerpieces were riddled with shell casings and a gun-toting bride and groom topped the couple's cake.

"The aisle had rose petals and shell casings on each side," the bride smiled.

They even popped the question to the store's general manager to officiate.

"When they came and brought it up, I kind of thought it was a joke. But I was honored and said, absolutely, we'll do it," manager Josh Wilson laughed.

With the faint echo of gunfire in the background, the lovebirds said yes to a lifetime of love.

"Part of my wedding vows were: 'I believe our paths crossed for a reason.' You never understand why things happen like they do," Melissa told FOX 13 Monday. 

For Mr. and Mrs. Webb, it worked out. A shared passion for shooting turned into a lasting love.

The couple has a honeymoon in the works. In the meantime, they'll continue celebrating -- you guessed it -- at the gun range.