Couple honors Tarrant County Deputy that helped deliver baby

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The parents who had help from a Tarrant County Deputy Constable delivering their baby girl are honoring him with their daughter's newborn pictures.

Evelyn Joy Deborah Hall was pictured with Deputy Constable Mark Diebold's uniform and with his badge.

Diebold was at the right place at the right time in June when he helped deliver the couple’s baby.

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"I was trying to be safe and not weave in and out of traffic, but I was probably going about 80-85 mph,” said Evelyn’s father, Caleb, in the June interview. “I was like just stop pushing, kind of a hold it in I guess. I don't know.”

About midway from their home in route to the hospital, Deibold saw them speeding by.

Little Evelyn was ready to come before her parents could get to the hospital, so Diebold jumped into help.

“This kind of gives perspective of why I became a police officer,” the constable said in a June interview. “It was a positive moment. And I will remember this for the rest of my life.”

The proud parents of the newborn baby say they are all doing well.