Couple beaten with golf clubs in what police call a violent case of road rage

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A violent case of road rage that sent a man and woman to the hospital. Bartow County Sheriff's investigators are trying to find the 4 men who beat up a local couple.

The victim told FOX 5 he and his fiance were driving along Highway 20 near Dean Road in Bartow County.  He says they made a U-turn and apparently the driver of a dark blue Chevy truck and his buddies traveling in the same direction didn't like that.  He says they got on his bumper and forced him onto the shoulder. 

"I tried to get around them, they cut me off again, they put me in a situation I couldn't get out of," said the victim. 

He said he stopped and  4 men jumped out of the truck carrying golf clubs and came toward him. He told investigators words were exchanged, one of the 4 men spit in his face, then fists started flying. He ended up with a broken shoulder, 5 staples in his head and cuts and bruises on his legs. He said they also hit his fiance.

"Obviously she's not going to stay in the car watching me get beat up, so she gets out of the car and as soon as she does she gets hit across the face. They hit her in the face with a golf club," said the man. 

She was injured, but she managed to pull out her phone and get a photo. Bartow County Sheriff's investigators posted the picture on social media hoping someone can identify them. 

The victim said he will heal from his wounds, but he wants the man who hit his fiance prosecuted.

"I'm a man I can take my licks, but they hit a woman in the face with a golf club. There's no justifying that."

Investigators said the truck with the 4 men inside is a dark blue Chevy pickup, lifted with big tires and blue tinted headlights.