Conservative group debating death penalty

There's a new group speaking out about Florida's death penalty, and this one might surprise you.

"Florida's death penalty among many other things is a colossal financial burden. But it's price tag may soon rise dramatically," said Mark Hyden, the national coordinator for Florida Conservatives Concerned About The Death Penalty. 

He says capital punishment is at a crossroads, because it's been ruled unconstitutional twice recently in Florida.  

"Due to these rulings perhaps 200 death row inmates must be re-sentenced. If death is pursued again it will cost the state many millions of dollars more than the alternatives," said Hyden. 

This group made their announcement just feet away from the front door to State Attorney Aramis Ayala's office.  Ayala is now in a legal battle with Florida's governor after she declared she will not seek death in any case.  Hyden says his push isn't about the state attorney. 

"This is about a launch of a Florida conservative group concerned about the death penalty and we're calling on issues unrelated to Ayala," said Hyden. 

A political action committee created by billionaire George Soros purchased $1.4 million dollars in TV ads supporting Ayala's campaign.  Soros is also linked to Equal Justice USA, the group backing Florida Conservatives Concerned About The Death Penalty. 

"Has Equal Justice USA ever gotten money from George Soros?  I never have but I believe they've gotten money from a foundation he may have supported at one point," said Hyden. 

Rafael Zaldivar showed up at the news conference to question the group's motives. 

"I'm here to tell them, it's really none of their business," said Zaldivar. 

He's been speaking out in favor of the death penalty since his son Alex was brutally murdred. Zaldivar says the death penalty is only for the worst of crimes. 

"It's the ultimate punishment for heinous crimes, that's all it is," said Zaldivar.