Concord woman takes action to show support for local police department

A Concord woman is taking action to show her local police department some love and support. And she is getting pretty amazing results from the community.

Hand written cards and gift bags full of goodies have been taking over her home.

"I have cards coming in from Wisconsin. I have a friend who lives in Utah. Her husband is a police officer, so they're sending things in," Leah Grasty said. 

She’s the wife of a Concord police officer. Grasty said she felt inspired at church to start an "Adopt A Cop" campaign  - then posted about it on Facebook.

"They wear bulletproof vests to work every single day. When he leaves the house, I pray to God that he brings him home safely. With everything happening in society right now, I just really wanted to do something to show that the community does support them and appreciate them,” Grasty said. 

All of the 161 officers at Concord Police Department were adopted by members of the community within a day and a half of Grasty’s Facebook post.

Mike Hartshorne with "Burn Bootcamp" in Concord adopted an officer, along with 30 of his gym members.

"With all that's going on in the world, I thought this couldn't have come at a better time. For us to show them our support and what they do for us on a daily basis," Hartshorne said. 

Grasty said she'll deliver these gifts to the Concord Police Department on Wednesday and Fox 46 Charlotte will be there.