Community steps up after grave is vandalized

Annie Pinellas says she can't believe someone would be so cruel as to vandalize a grave site. But that is exactly what happened earlier this week.

Pinellas says she learned of the crime when a friend who visited the grave of her grandson, 22-year-old Rashan Ortiz, called and said someone poured orange paint all over the site. Devastated, Annie says she woke up Wednesday morning and took to FaceBook hoping to find someone who would help her clean up the site.

To her suprize, hundreds of people posted messages of support with many offering to help. On Wednesday morning, she was at the site when strangers, including Osceola county workers, showed up with pressure washers and cleaning materials to try to restore the young man's resting place. By Wednesday afternoon most of the paint was gone and so was some of the pain of the incident.

Pinellas says she can not believe that strangers would offer to help her in such an unselfish way. 

If you have any information on the crime you are asked to call the Kissimmee Police.