Community holds fundraiser for fallen Kissimmee officers

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Tonight, a night market took place at Dakin and Broadway in Kissimmee. All the money raised goes to the fallen Kissimmee officers', Matthew Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard, families.

Every drop in the bucket, showing sweet support for the families who lost everything. Businesses are rallying together to raise money, setting up a special market called  "Back the Blue," with all the proceeds going to the families of the fallen.

Nadine Rodriguez, manager at Breeze says, "It's all about giving back to the community, letting our town know and the Kissimmee Police Department know that we support them as much as they support us."

Kissimmee merchants say they feel the pain too. Officer Matt Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard were familiar faces in their businesses.

Feliz Ortiz of 3 Sisters Speak Easy says, "I've seen them at my place, I've said hello, thank you for coming in and it's really sad that a family lost a friend, a father, a husband." 

The event featured around 20 vendors, who often compete for business, now working together, pooling the profit for one cause.

Nadine says, "It makes me feel full, just being able to give back."

Jena Threadgill of Osceola Woman Magazine agrees. " These men and women risk their lives everyday and we need to back them as they back us."

For the Kissimmee Police Department, this event means the world.

Spokesperson Stacie Miller says, "To watch the community members come up and just embrace us is amazing, it helps them to get up every morning, put the uniform on and go back out and protect the people because they know that they love their police department." 

The night market took place until 10 p.m. You can still make a donation at Suntrust Bank.