Community assists museum struck by vandals

A contractor spent Friday morning maneuvering a new large piece of glass into the front of the Wells' Built Museum of African American History and Culture. The installation of that glass is re-securing that building.  

Thieves smashed the window out and ransacked the Orlando Magic Firsts display. 

“It was really discouraging, really disheartening,” said Elizabeth Thompson, the museum’s executive director.

Now the community is coming together to help the non-profit museum bounce back.  Green Tree development stepped up to pay for the repairs.  

“One of my goals is to keep the community safe, let other community members know that we're all here working together,” said Timothy Green.

ADT had a technician in the museum upgrading the alarm system.  Next week ADT will be adding cameras.  Thompson says she’s touched by the support.  

“Part of what we talk about here at the museum is the importance of community and supporting one another. We talk about that in what it's meant to Parramore historically but also in respect to just being successful in being able to work with one another and support one another,” said Thompson.

Retro Otis Smith and Nick Anderson jerseys and signed shoes were stolen from the display.  Those items particularly are popular with their younger visitors.  

“It’s the educational and the informational value and the fact that a lot of these things are unique and old and irreplaceable,” said Thompson.

In the midst of the repairs and upgrades Friday, Thompson received more good news.  A representative from the Orlando Magic stopped by to see how their organization could help.  

“They're going to replace materials and even enhance what we had,” Thompson told The News Station.

This day, full of "blessings," reminded Thompson of the strong community the museum represents.  

“I think it's amazing,” said Thompson.