Classmates of 9-year-old killed in Pine Hills release balloons and bubbles in her memory

Classmates of 9-year-old T'Yonna Major gathered to remember her with a balloon and bubble release.

Bishop Kelvin Cobaris said, "The students put aside their academics to come together in the field, because T’Yonna’s favorite thing was to blow bubbles." 

Students at Pine Hills Elementary came together to remember 9-year-old T’Yonna Major, Her parents were also there. 

"Mom is heartbroken and of course as you know, she’s trying to put her mind around all of this," said Bishop Cobaris.

T’Yonna had just gotten home from school on Wednesday when investigators say both she and her mother Brandi were shot, but Brandi survived. Bishop Cobaris said he didn’t see any injuries on her.

"To have a survivor, that is the mom is amazing. It’s still crushing, that their 9-year-old daughter, who had a big future ahead of her as a gymnast and all of the things she wants to accomplish has been taken down by such evil," said Bishop Cobaris.

As for T’Yonna’s father Tokiyo, many say he was her superhero. 

"He is heartbroken because any man wants to be there to protect his family. And you can only imagine how he feels. He’s just trying to be strong for his wife," said Bishop Cobaris. 

But Friday, it’s the children of Pine Hill’s Elementary that gave them strength as they yelled, "We love you T’Yonna," as they released balloons. 

"What I saw come over her Mom and Dad’s face, when the students walked up to her parents to say, you were her inspiration." An inspiration to many, "She wanted to help homeless people, she wanted to help people in need," said Bishop Cobaris.

"These children are amazing and resilient." PTA Chair Lance Mitchell explains, how everyone wore red because it was T’Yonna’s favorite color. "She was a very intelligent child. Real strong.

A lot of people screamed about how much they loved her. 

Her parents plan to have a celebration of life in her memory soon.