Daytona Beach mulling $30M improvement plan for Jackie Robinson Ballpark

This week, Daytona Beach city leaders discussed plans to improve Jackie Robinson Ballpark. The city sent FOX 35 News a three-phase plan that general manager Jim Jaworski said would cost an estimated $30 million.

According to a project plan, the first phase would be to meet MLB facility standards. In 2019, the team faced the possibility of being cut and Jaworski explains improvements are part of the deal.

"We were on a list to be contracted and to not have a minor league team here in Daytona Beach and part of that, you know, some work needs to be done to the facility," he said.


The second phase would focus on improving spaces for the community, giving fans a better experience. 

"To be able to enjoy the ballpark in different ways, to be able to have different social spaces to hang out with your friends and family," said Jaworski.

The final phase would focus on infrastructure upgrades, including new ticket booths, updated fencing and walkways. The team is in talks with the city on how to fund the project.