Disney World vacation surprise turns into nightmare after family's truck is stolen in Florida

What was supposed to be a fun family vacation at Disney, turned into a nightmare, after someone stole their truck from the hotel they were staying at.

"We decided to surprise them and take them to Orlando for a few days," said Ryan and Cassidy McClendon who said a birthday surprise Disney trip for their kids, turned into a nightmare after their truck was stolen from a hotel parking lot. 

Now Orlando Police are investigating. 

Cassidy said, "Woke up the next morning to head out to go to Disney and the truck was missing, so we didn’t get to do anything. Stuck in the hotel room all day. Kids were very upset."

And so was their Dad who said, "He was like where’s my truck I can see it in his face. Pale. I thought he was gonna cry."

The couple said their white 2007, Ford F-250 pickup truck was stolen out of parking lot at the Comfort Suites off Major Blvd.  


And to make matters worse, it wasn’t the only thing taken. "IPads, iwatches, everything like that and they’re completely like disconnected now."

The couple said one of the devices had pinged around Curry Ford Road, they’re waiting to hear from the Orlando Police Department to see if they retrieved their truck.

"I’ve had a lot of people on Facebook where I put the post say the same thing’s happened to them." 

Cassidy said they were able to take the kids to Disney the day after their truck was stolen, but it put a damper on their vacation. 

"We’ve been trying to take the kids to Disney every year and this definitely hit hard." 

Residents can call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS if you have any information.