City of Maitland plans vote on drainage project for stretch of 17-92

Eyes are focused on a once troubled section of 17-92 in Maitland as a new engineering fix to a flooding issue is put to the test during this week's rainfall.

This stretch of road has been flooding with every major rain event over the last month or so. Extra pumps and 3-foot pipes were not enough to keep water off of the road. 

The City of Maitland planned to step up their work on a drainage project that is down the street from here, installing 5-foot and 6-foot pipes in place. Officials say they also have heavy equipment ready to go and will dig out a path for the water if necessary. 

But on Monday morning, there was no water flooding on the road, as pumps worked to keep water away from the low-lying area of 17-92.

The City of Council in Maitland is planning to take a vote on a purchase for the project. The city is hoping to improve the drainage system into Lake Gem, but they're need to spend $80,000 on more dirt for the project first.