City Councilman Wants Answers on Firehouse Sex Ad Photos

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Ivory Lee Young Jr. said scantily clad females used public resources in the wrong way. That much the city councilman said he can determine immediately just by looking at the photographs which appeared in a sexually oriented advertisement on the web site.

The public resources the councilman makes reference to is fire equipment housed inside the Jonesboro Road station.

In one photo, a female in high heels somehow climbed or may have been lifted all the way to the top of a truck to take her pose.

Fire commanders attended an Atlanta City Hall meeting Tuesday afternoon. It was their first opportunity to talk publicly what they have learned about exactly how the photo shoot took place.

It is not uncommon for permission to be granted to individuals who may want to snap a photo at a firehouse. Usually those request come from parents and school groups.

Sex Ad Shows Woman Posing inside Atlanta Fire Station

City officials have launched an internal investigation after photos of a woman posing inside an Atlanta Fire station surfaced.

The photos were part of an online ad appearing to offer escort services. The racy photos show a woman posing in a suggestive manner around fire engines, firefighters’ gear, and other equipment. Markings suggest the photos were taken inside of Atlanta Fire Station 2.

“The Atlanta Fire Rescue Department will launch an internal investigation into the matter, and will take decisive action based on the outcome of the investigation,” read a statement from an Atlanta Fire Department spokesperson.

Firefighters told FOX 5 News said it is not uncommon for firehouses to receive visitors, have them take a quick tour, and photos with the equipment when they are not responding to calls.

The woman in the photos has not yet been identified and no criminal charges have been filed.