Choose the right motor oil when getting an Orlando oil change

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Bringing your car to our Scion Service Center in Orlando is the best way to get the car maintenance it needs. We can take care of all of the work for you and help you every time your car needs an oil change in Orlando

Do you know what kind of motor oil you should get in your car when getting your oil swapped? You can ask the professional auto technicians at our Scion Service Center or you can choose on your own! We’re sharing the difference between motor oils and how you can choose the one that’s best for your car!

Difference between conventional and synthetic motor oil

The two most common types of motor oil are conventional and synthetic oil. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. How do you know which type of oil is best for your car when getting an oil change in Orlando? We’re explaining the differences between these two different types of motor oil!

  • Conventional oil: Conventional oil is the most common type of motor oil, as most vehicles can run just fine with it. This type of oil is naturally made and has been used for decades. It’s also the most affordable option when it comes to getting car maintenance in Orlando. However, it can leave sludge build-up in your engine, which is one downside. It also only lasts up to 5,000 miles, which means you’ll need to visit our auto service center more often.
  • Synthetic oil: Synthetic oil is different because it’s man-made oil. It’s specially formulated for cars with more high-tech engines, which seems to be the case with most new cars now! This type of motor oil is cleaner and has a longer lifespan than conventional oil, as it lasts up to 10,000 miles. However, a synthetic oil change in Orlando typically costs more money. 

Explore other options when getting an Orlando oil change

Synthetic and conventional oil are the two most commonly used engine oils; however, there are other options! This includes synthetic blend and high-mileage oil. What do these different types of motor oil have to offer?

  • Synthetic blend is oil with a blend of conventional and synthetic engine oil. This gives you a happy medium between the two, so you can get high quality at a lower price when getting an Orlando oil change!
  • High-mileage oil is oil that’s specially formulated for older vehicles with a lot of miles on it (100,000 miles or more)! It keeps the engine running more efficiently, even if the engine has a lot of wear and tear on it. 

No matter what kind of engine oil your car needs, you can count on the professionals at our Scion Service Center in Orlando to help you! You can even save money with our oil change coupons – just find them on our website!

Give us a call at (866) 525-1084 for more information or to schedule an appointment to bring in your ride. We’re located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. 

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