Child victim comes face to face with rapist before sentencing

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Elizabeth is a heartbroken mother who waited 15 long months to unleash her fury.

"You are a sick person. You are a rapist. You are a child molester. Your Honor, give him life -- forever until his eyes close and never open again," pleaded Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's daughter was 11 years old when she was molested by her martial arts instructor, Ivan Delvalle Nazario.

Prosecutors say they recorded him on the phone admitting to having sex with one of his students. They say he molested her at the fitness gym and at his home a few miles away.

Nazario was recently convicted of the charges and, at his sentencing, Elizabeth told the judge about the physical and emotional toll the abuse had on her daughter.

"I continually hear her say, 'I want to die. I've always wanted to die since he started to do this to me. Mom, let me die,'" said Elizabeth.

A normally bustling courtroom was silent as the young victim, who is now 15 years old, came face-to-face with her abuser.

"I remember when you said no one would believe me if I said anything. I spoke up and people believed me. In the future, I hope to have a career in criminal justice. I hope to succeed in that career and put monsters like you where they belong and away from little girls," said the victim.

Nazario was a popular martial arts instructor and mentor. Kids and parents looked up to him, including the victim's little brother, who is now 12, He did not hold back.

"I'm not scared of you. You hurt me. You hurt my family and you let us down. Nobody understands how much I hate him. I want him to spend the rest of his life in prison," expressed the victim's brother.

Nazario never said a word but did smirk during some of the testimony

The man that was supposed to teach kids how to protect themselves from bad guys is now headed to prison for the rest of life.

"Children shouldn't have to go through this. Children go to the gym for sports, to play sports. They don't go there to be raped," added Elizabeth.