Child runs from stranger danger in Casselberry

Casselberry police officers are investigating a suspicious incident, after an 11-year-old boy says a man got too close to him.  Jack Schroeder was walking to school, when he says a stranger pulled up beside him.  

"He started speeding towards me, he ran up right here, this part, put down this window and started speed walking approached me."

The boy says something didn't feel right.

He thought, "I could die today, I could never see my family again today. I was scared."

So he ran.

"I took off by these two trees and went down and hid by a hill.  I went around the back of the houses and came through here and when I looked the car was gone."

"It's just the hardest thing to hear and to even think about the possibility your child could be taken outside your doorstep and never been seen again," says Jack's mother, Cheryl Schroeder. "It's unbearable."

The family went straight to Casselberry Police.

"Hopefully, it was just a misunderstanding, and he got nervous," says Commander Mike Schaefer.  "But we will be following up, doing extra patrols especially today and definitely tomorrow."

Jack's proud parents say their boy had a text book reaction.

"I'm glad that he saw the opportunity to run before he could get too close and grab him. I'm very proud of you buddy," Cheryl says. "We've also taught Jack too, don't ever let anyone take you. Kick, scream , fight, poke their eyes out, whatever you have to do, but don't ever let them get you in their vehicle."

Police say they're increasing patrols today and tomorrow. Anyone with information is asked to call the Casselberry Police Department.