Child in nanny's custody given meth at Berkeley People's Park recovering

A two-year-old child is recovering after a woman in People's Park in Berkeley allegedly gave him methamphetamine, according to University of California Police Department. 

The boy was with his nanny on Monday about 3 p.m. at a play structure when a 36-year-old female suspect, Sayyadina Thomas, walked up to the boy and placed something in his mouth, according to police. 

The nanny immediately checked, but found nothing in the boy's mouth. The nanny called UCPD to report the incident. When police and paramedics responded, the suspect was taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation. 

While being taken to a holding facility, police say the suspect said she told them she gave the child methamphetamines. Witnesses at the park on Wednesday told KTVU that they saw the nanny pushing a baby in a stroller and watched the toddler run to the swing set. They said they saw Thomas ask the toddler if he wanted some candy and then saw her put something into his mouth.

Upon being taken to the hospital for treatment, it was determined the child did have meth in his system. 

Thomas was arrested for attempted homicide and the child is now recovering at the hospital. 

KTVU's Allie Rasmus contributed to this report.