Chick-Fil-A trying to help employee find a prom date

A quick drive past one Seminole County Chick-fil-a and you may do a double take. 

“Tanner needs a prom date! Details inside,” reads the board in black letters. Tanner Waters, a 17-year-old senior at Winter Springs high school, is featured on the marquee.

“I didn’t go last year so I’m like really excited to go this year. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to,” Waters said about prom. 

The only thing missing is a date and time is running out.

“He was asking different girls if they’d be interested in going to the prom. I don’t think he was having a whole lot of luck,” said Billy Mcclarnon, Waters’ boss at the Chick-Fil-A. 

He offered to help get the word out when he heard that Waters was having a hard time finding that perfect person to take to prom. That’s how the message ended up on their board outside the restaurant. 

The response has been good, people think it’s hilarious and they’re stopping by,” said Mcclarnon.

Waters even said that people have been offering him other perks. “I’ve had someone offer to take pictures and I’ve had someone offer to buy me dinner after.”

The message is expected to stay up along 436 for as long as it takes for Waters to find a date. 

“I should have a date by then, I think we should be good,” Waters said.