Central Florida's True Crime Files: Justice for Carola Luciano

Walking with crutches, David Zanone still remembers the overnight hours when his life changed forever.

A pickup truck pulled up to his car near the intersection of Semoran Blvd. and Curry Ford Rd. The truck forced him off the road, and someone inside opened fire.

"They just started shooting. I don’t remember getting shot. I do remember hitting the wall and knowing there was something wrong," said Zanone.

His friend was injured in the back seat. His girlfriend, Carola Luciano, was killed as she sat the passenger seat.

"I knew that Carola had passed away, in the car, and her friend in the back was just screaming," he recalled.

Zanone, who was driving, was hit in the back.

"The bullet went in through my back, hit my spine, went in and blew up," Zanone said, showing FOX 35 News his scars. "I couldn’t feel anything below my waist, so I just crawled out of the car. There was someone there that grabbed me and pulled me to the side and was trying to help me."

Central Florida's True Crime Files: Police search for killer in Orlando drive-by shooting

It happened during the early morning hours of Dec. 13, 2019.

Orlando Police Detective Michael Fields has been on the case since the start. He believes Zanone was the target.

"I’m not sure why David was targeted. I have my suspicions, I think David leads a different life than most of us. He’s not a criminal, but he hangs out with criminals," said Det. Fields.

For the first time, Zanone, is responding.

"I mean, you are the company you keep, you know," said Zanone. "I left a lot of that life behind, and I don’t hang out with those people. I wasn’t the best person in the world, you know, and I had my demons, I had my problems."

Two years later, the search for the killer continues. Despite the busy intersection, witnesses have not yielded many leads.

Zanone continues to deal with the impact of it every day, and the remorse that comes with it.

"I would replace myself with her any day," said Zanone. "I just want people to know I’m sorry for this, if it was my fault, if I was targeted, there’s no words, I can’t bring her back."

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