Central Florida warehouse stores donations to be sold online

A Central Florida warehouse is home to thousands of donations destined for second hand online shopping.  

Staffers research and catalog each item. They also handle all the packing and shipping. Shoppers can even pick up their online purchases at the facility.

Goodwill Industries hosting three different sites for online shoppers:  

ShopGoodwill.com offers everything from guitars to fur coats, toys and household items.  This site is like eBAY, where the item goes up for auction between five to seven days and goes to the highest bidder.  

GoodFindsCFL.com is host to all the designer handbags, shoes and accessories donated to the second hand store.  Each item is authenticated before it's listed at 60% below the MSRP. Shoppers can even buy these designer goods instantly on Instagram too.

And GoodwillBooks.com sells books, CD's and DVD's as well as collector's sets, TV shows and movies.  The books can be purchased directly from the website or found as a purchasing option on Amazon and eBAY.

Watch the video to take a tour behind the scenes.