Central Florida volunteers gather supplies for Puerto Rico ahead of Tropical Storm Dorian

Preparations are under way from Puerto Rico to Central Florida as Tropical Storm Dorian makes its way across the Atlantic. Cruise ships out of Florida are now changing course because of the storm. Ships already at sea, and those ready to dis-embark are making big changes to travel plans.  

One of the biggest concerns if for Puerto Rico and the people there who are still recovering from Hurricane Maria two years ago. As Tropical Storm Dorian moves closer to the island, residents are scrambling to fill up on food, water, and gasoline. 

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Volunteers in Central Florida are putting together supplies and donations to send to Puerto Rico. 

"This time we'll make sure it goes into the right hands. There was a lot of waste. A lot of red tape. A lot of confusion," one volunteer told Fox 35.

The storm is expected to travel over Puerto Rico late Wednesday and make its way into the direction of Florida by the weekend.


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