Central Florida teen receives double lung transplant

Jordan McCaskill says she's looking forward to getting back to a more normal life after months in the hospital.  McCaskill, who was born with a rare genetic disease called cystic fibrosis, just had a double-lung transplant, for the second time in as many years.  "I can breathe!" she says.

McCaskill was 18 when she had her first double-lung transplant.  "You really don't expect to go through it again, so when I started rejecting my lungs, it was definitely hard and you don't know that you're gonna be able to get a second transplant."  

McCaskill plans to continue classes at the University of Central Florida and go back to work at Bonefish Grill in Longwood.  She's also ready to go home for her favorite holiday.  "Thanksgiving this week, so I'm really excited to eat a lot!"   But she's also thankful for the medical professionals at Florida Hospital, for giving her a second chance.  "I'm very grateful for that, and I owe you my life."



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