Central Florida ready to help after another earthquake hits Puerto Rico

After another earthquake hit Puerto Rico, killing one person and hurting eight others, Central Florida is ready to help. 

Puerto Ricans are surveying the damage as their island is crushed yet again.

An old church is in ruins, buildings are cracked and schools and homes are destroyed after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit the island early Tuesday morning. It's the second big one in two days.

"It started out like a low rumble and it kept on growing and it kept on growing and everything started shaking," Carlos Garcia, who lives in Puerto Rico, told FOX 35 News.

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There was no damage to Carlos Garcia's home, but the quake itself is crushing on every level.

"I was like, 'Wow, what is going on here? What are we doing?' We just ran. We didn’t have time to think," Garcia said.

Central Florida is stepping up to help.

The nonprofit Latino Leadership, Inc. is reinstating the emergency response program it used after Hurricane Maria.

"They haven’t recovered after Hurricane Maria. And now, they’re being exposed to another natural disaster that’s just rocking their world," said Latino Leadership Executive Director Marucci Guzman.

The organization helps Puerto Rican families that relocate to Central Florida after disasters hit.

During Maria, they helped more than 11,000 families.

Already, Guzman is hearing more Puerto Ricans are on their way to Central Florida.

"Flights are already sold out through the 12th," Guzman said she heard.

She says this happens when the island loses power like it has this time. 

Still, there is fear that aftershocks and tremors will continue to rock the island.

"They always say that Puerto Ricans are resilient, but there’s a limit," Guzman said.

"We just need a break, you know? It’s been pretty bad," Garcia said.

OneBlood, the local not-for-profit blood center serving Florida and the majority of the Southeast, also announced Tuesday that it will be sending blood to Puerto Rico following the earthquakes.