Central Florida freeze: 5 P's to help you prepare for chilly weather

Central Florida is about to get hit with the coldest Christmas weekend since 1983! This means you can actually break out that winter coat that's been collecting dust in your closet. 

With chilly temperatures expected to drop into the 20s and 30s, many residents may feel caught off guard with how to prepare for such big weather changes in the Sunshine State. How do you keep your plants alive? Will your pipes be affected? How do you keep your family safe?

The FOX 35 Storm Team wants to remind you of the simple 5 P's to follow during Florida's cold weather.


Hypothermia can be a risk with prolonged exposure to cold weather, especially if a person is sweating or wet, Seminole County officials said. Be sure to bundle up and stay warm during the cold weather. Also, check on your elderly neighbors to be sure they are ok.


If you're cold, they're cold. Pets should be inside during extreme temperatures. Don't leave Fido and Fluffy outside!


When temperatures fall as low as they are forecast your pipes may need extra protection.  Plumbers suggest wrapping exposed pipes and possibly continue leaving some faucets on a light trickle.


While it's not really an issue in Florida, but you'll still want to be cautious: Keep your pool pump to keep things flowing through the pipes.


Hard freezes can easily kill plants. Be sure to bring them indoors or cover them up.  Experts recommend using frost cloth, sometimes known as "plankets" which are sold at plant nurseries and garden centers. If you can’t find frost cloth, you can use bedsheets, but make sure the sheet doesn’t have holes. Plastic sheets are not recommended.  Find more tips HERE.


Use safe heating sources indoors. Do not use fuel burning devices like grills: the Marion County Sheriff's Office says they release deadly carbon monoxide.