Central Florida families visiting India find it difficult to get home as restrictions begin

Local families visiting India are rushing to fly back home to Central Florida as travel restrictions are set to begin Tuesday. 

Central Florida families in India are trying to get back home to the states as the U.S. puts travel restrictions in place. The restrictions were announced on Friday and begin on Tuesday, as the country sees its second wave of COVID-19.

The Indian American Business Association based in Central Florida says it knows of several local families having trouble getting back home because there aren't enough flights. 

"They can’t even book their flights. Some people are traveling with families, little kids as well." President of the Indian American Business Association & Chamber Prashant ‘Peter’ Patel said. 

Orlando resident Jay Patel has been in India for the last few months helping his dad who lives there and has heart issues. He was planning to come back home to Orlando, where his wife and two children are, but he's worried about leaving India and not being able to return due to restrictions. 

"Everyone is just scrambling to get back," Jay Patel said. "It’s a rush. Where you don’t get tickets. The tickets are priced three to four times what you usually pay."

Jay Patel says he's going to stay in India with his parents for now until restrictions are relaxed. 

"The only reason we need to rush back is because of the situation here," he said, "because you don’t want to get something that puts you in harm’s way. But, we have isolated ourselves and take it day by day."