Celebration fixing 'Wald' Disney World sign in downtown fountain

Many know it as the town Walt Disney built, or was that “Wald Disney?”

Bloggers at Disney Diary were among several visitors over the weekend who noticed Celebration’s famous downtown fountain had the word “Walt” misspelled as “Wald” in it.

Disney Diary posted a photo of the error on their Twitter page with the message:  "Really? This is the new fountain in Celebration. You know, the town built by the Wald Disney Co. #whycopyeditorsmatter #disney #wdw"

Residents said the fountain had been closed for some time to undergo renovations and just reopened in recent days.

The concrete on the ground of it features a compass design with pavers pointing to destinations in the area; including the near-by Walt Disney World.

On Monday, the Celebration Community Development District acknowledged the error on their website. In a statement leaders wrote:

"As many of you know, the Celebration CDD hired a contractor to refurbish the fountain in downtown Celebration. The fountain contains guide markers to various locations and attractions, one of which is Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, 'Walt' was misspelled and will have to be replaced. The contractor has taken full responsibility for making the correction. Some of the other guide markers also need to be realigned to point in the correct direction, and that will also be done by the contractor. 

"We are hopeful this work will be completed in the next couple weeks and the fountain turned on so our residents and guests can once again enjoy this unique feature of the Celebration community. 
As of Monday morning the Disney paver, as well as all of the others featuring words had been torn up and the fountain once again closed."