Casselberry family to take in Houston family

A Casselberry family says it’s preparing to take in a father and son affected by flooding in Texas.

Amy and Steven Volpe already have their hands full. They have three girls, eight and younger but it’s about to get even more crowded.

“We’ll squeeze them in,” Amy Volpe said.

The new roommates are Greg Saluck and his 8-year-old son. They’re currently stuck in a hotel in Houston.

“We want them here, we want them safe, we want them back on their feet,” Volpe said.

She tells us she heard about them through social media. Volpe says Greg, a marine vet and single dad, lost his job and home while dealing with a recent injury. The pair had been staying with friends before the floodwaters moved in.

“I just kept asking questions, like what happened, where is this going? What is your plan after the storm? The more I asked, the more I realized that man, there's nowhere for him to go,” Volpe said.

She says she has a few mutual friends with Saluck on Facebook – but they’ve never actually met.

“These situations when they occur - bring out the best in people,” Saluck said in a phone interview. “It’s still a shock to me, there’s still part of me -- because she is a stranger but at the same time, when I look at my options that are available to me now, it seems like the best option for myself in my son.” 

Saluck says he grew up in Oviedo and has a larger support network in our area. He says his son is looking forward to the move too.