Carnival to start delivering beer on cruises, but there's a catch

It’s about to get a lot easier to get drinks on a cruise… as long as you’re also looking to get a pizza at the same time.

Carnival Cruise announced that their Carnival Hub app will start including the option to get drinks, including beer, delivered anywhere on a ship whenever a passenger uses it to order a pizza. The feature will only be available on four ships to start with, before eventually expanding fleet-wide.

Passengers can use the app to make an order anywhere on the ship. After choosing their items, they mark their location on the ship’s map and then take a selfie so the delivery person can recognize them. The drink options include Peroni, Miller Lite and Blue Moon, along with soda and water.

The feature is available on four ships at the moment: Carnival Conquest, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Glory and Carnival Sensation. The company plans to introduce it to Carnival Victory and Carnival Elation in June, before expanding the feature to all ships.

A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line sent Fox News the following statement: “Following the successful rollout of Carnival Cruise Line HUB App’s ‘Pizza Anywhere’ feature, the company has expanded this functionality to include beverage delivery. After choosing a hand-tossed pizza with their preferred toppings, guests will be asked whether they would like a beer, soda or water to accompany their meal. To place an order, guests simply tap on the ship’s map to mark their location, take a selfie to identify themselves and select their desired order.”

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