Carjacking victim warns others about criminal on the loose

The search is on for a dangerous criminal. Cops say he's committed four robberies, two carjackings and a shooting. Even at times pistol whipping his victims.

"I turned to look and all I could see was a gun facing at me."

This victim,was in the Winter Garden Walgreens lot on Sunday evening, waiting in his truck with his 19-year-old daughter when he was suddenly carjacked.

"He had the gun like this, pointed sideways."

He says at the time his wife was shopping inside.

"He was tapping on the glass with a gun. Bang. I think he hit the back window first because that's what got my attention."

He tells us the man with a silver plated h andgun started yelling at him.

"It was more of a demand, get out of the vehicle, give me your wallet and give me your keys. I got out of the car. My daughter was in the back seat. She got out and ran."

Police say the suspect is seen in surveillance wearing the victim's white visor and glasses, which he says left in his truck, which the suspect later set on fire.

The victim was mad at some point because he says his wife's cell was hidden in her backpack and cops failed to trace it immediately.

"When he took off in my vehicle her phone was still in the truck and we tried to get the information to them to do something and they wouldn't listen to us."

Winter Garden police say they tried tracing the phone but the suspect turned off the cell.

"Just do what he wants, because if you don't he's gonna retaliate."

He's warning others it could get worse if this guy isn't caught.

"He's gonna escalate it to some point where he shoots someone and kills them. He's already shot somebody. He's got nothing to lose to shoot somebody else."

Anyone with information on the suspect should call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.