Bystander shot after gunfire opens up on I-4

Police say that an innocent person was shot on Interstate 4 (I-4) and the hunt is now on for the gunman.

The shooting happened on westbound I-4 near Michigan Street. Police say that it could have been a case of road rage that ended with an innocent bystander getting hit by a bullet. 

Orlando Police say it started on Saturday evening with two people driving next to each other. One of the drivers, behind the wheel of a black Mazda, got in a fight with the driver in the next car. Things got heated very fast and the driver in the Mazda pulled out a gun and shot at the car next to him, but missed.

The bullet ended up hitting another car and the driver of that car got shot in the leg. Fortunately, that person was not seriously injured and police say that he will make a full recovery. The Mazda driver however sped-off. 

Crime scene investigators have opened all I-4 lanes back up around 11 p.m. Saturday night. Police are still searching for information about the shooting. Please call Crimeline if you have any information.