Busy travel day at Orlando International Airport

People were everywhere at the Orlando International Airport on Saturday. 

Kaitlyn Graham was there to pick up relatives.  

She said holiday travel has gotten better.

“It's become a bit more organized with the time, but sometimes it's just a matter of when everyone flies," Graham said. “I think the best thing with children is to fly early, before they get too cranky by the end of the day.”

Saturday was the busiest travel day of the holiday season. 

Officials say more than 152,000 people were expected to pass through MCO that day.

Phil Brown, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority CEO, said being early for your flight is a good idea. 

“These days you can download your boarding pass, or print and take them. Pack sensibly, particularly with carry-ons, you just need to pack sensibly,” he said.

Along with being prepared for your flight, TSA Precheck is also a huge help. 

It can cut down your trip through security to about five minutes.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday period, from November 15-28, officials estimate 1.82 million passengers will fly through MCO. 

People like the McMurtries are vising from as far away as Australia.

“We've just done a cruise through the Bahamas. Just got off the ship this morning. We're traveling through the states until Jan. 15,” said Gary McMurtrie. “I knew it was a busy airport, but yeah, it's great.”

AAA predicted Orlando to be the most popular Thanksgiving destination in the country this year.