Man breaks into Daytona Beach Airbnb, frightening guests staying in the home

A man renting an AirBnB with his family said he called 911 after a finding a stranger in his home.

Police came out and caught the suspect in another home.

"Sheriffs Office with a K-9 announce yourself, you’re gonna get bit."

And that’s exactly what happened after police said, "Show me your hands, get your hands up.

Law enforcement officers spotted 47-year-old Jon Winter, hiding in this the utility closet of a beachside home along South Atlantic Avenue. You can hear the suspect screaming at the K9.

Daytona Beach Shores officers say, a nearby resident called 911 after Winter broke into their home too.

"He was hunkering down in a cartoonish way. With their hands in a sneak mode just really strange," said Tyrone Fowler Jr. He and his family are in town for a wedding and rented this beach home. When he heard a noise, he discovered Winter hiding downstairs.

"So I get a command voice and tell him, hey what are you doing in here and his instant reaction is oh your friend let me in." 

Fowler tells FOX 35, no one gave the stranger permission to be inside their home and told him to leave.

Fowler said the suspect walked out of the house, down the driveway and through some bushes.

"Its really scary to hear. I tried to direct him away from the house before I lost sight of him,"he said. 

He said it’s the last thing he expected during a wedding celebration weekend.

"It definitely makes for an exciting story, so later on this wedding will definitely be memorable," Fowler said.

He’s glad the culprit was caught. Winter is charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling.