Burger King brawl: Fight in drive-through window caught on video by customer

A violent brawl that broke out at a Burger King in North Carolina was captured on a video posted to Facebook

The man wearing a red shirt in the video was an employee of the restaurant in Charlotte, according to witness Rebecca Ramsey, who recorded the incident. He is seen engaged in a brawl with another Burger King employee wearing a black shirt. The two were in an argument when the fight broke out on Sunday, she said. 

The man in the red shirt is seen pulling the hair of the employee in the black shirt and putting him in a headlock, while another female employee appears to be trying to break up the altercation. 

Ramsey was attempting to get her 6-year-old son an ice cream, but instead “got a show,” she wrote in the Facebook post. She and her son pulled up to the drive-through window and proceeded “to watch everything unfold,” she said. 

“The older man in the red shirt tells the younger guy, 'You're not going to disrespect women. I don't care if she's a customer or not,' starts cussing at him they start having words,” Ramsey said. “And I just felt like something was going to happen that's when I took out my phone.” 

Ramsey said she was not the customer the man in the red shirt was referring to, but believed it was someone inside the restaurant. 

“After my video ended we just left without my son's ice cream,” Ramsey said. “We laughed and took my son to Dairy Queen but we had to pass by there again and there was a fight in the parking lot.” 

She said she was not sure if that fight was with the same people, but heard fighting as she was driving by. 

“My baby just wanted an ice cream,” she said of all the attention the video has been garnering, adding that her son was satisfied with the one he got from Dairy Queen. 

It was not immediately clear if any charges had been filed. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.