Bulletproof vest saved Daytona Beach officer's life, authorities say

Authorities say a bulletproof saved the life of a Daytona Beach police officer who was fired upon by a suspect.

Officer Dominic Besse was shot in the chest on Saturday while responding to a call at an apartment in Holly Hill. The Kevlar vest saved his life. Besse was in and out of the hospital on the same day.

“To be hit in the chest, with a bullet, and stay in the fight, and neutralize the threat. That’s a hero!” said Daytona Beach Chief Craig Capri.

On Sunday, the officer's body-worn camera video was released to the public. Chief Capri said on Monday that releasing the video so soon was a strategic move to prove the department had nothing to hide and that Officer Besse had every reason to return fire. The suspect was shot by officers and died.

”It does no good to hold back video because people think you're hiding something. The Daytona Beach Police Department is transparent.”

Chief Capri said had the suspect not fired but surrendered, he would still be alive.