Bringing dogs to work can help any employee through a rough day

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When Tara Murphy goes to work at the Achieva Credit Union headquarters in Dunedin, so does her dog Frankie.

"He loves going through here," she told FOX 13. "If we walk through the building he knows how to navigate every single aisle and every single cubicle, you will definitely know who is friends are. He absolutely knows where every cookie is."

Achieva employees are allowed to bring their dogs as a work perk.

"It's more about our culture and the environment that we create to have a good time while you're at work," said Murphy, who is also the chief information officer for the company. 

Since the dogs have come on board, they've helped workers here get through any rough days.

"A game changer when you're at work and having a tough day and a little puppy comes in, or a dog comes in, and it just changes the whole mood," said Judie Norwood, vice president of consumer lending at Achieva.  

There's even a dog park on site.

"Even if you don't have a dog to bring in you get to play with a dog here, or see them running around happily outside at the dog park," Murphy said. 

And dogs aren't the only creatures roaming. They've had birds, bearded dragons and cats. The company CEO even does beekeeping on-site and harvests the honey. 

The animals only have to play by one rule: they need to be well-behaved. 

While they may not work like dogs, their presence is a treat for their favorite humans.

"Employees love it," Murph explained. "You're going to see them smile. It definitely reduces stress and if you can make employees happy, they're going to be happier at work, do a better job and feel better about everything they do."