Brevard sheriff says department underfunded

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivy is asking county leaders to give his office more money. That means a potential tax hike, but the sheriff says he has to do it.

"Some homes could be impacted by five dollars a year, depending on the taxable value of their home, so what we're trying to do is fill holes," he says.  "We've kicked some cans down the road as far as we can."

Outdated tasers and outdated deputy cars are two major problems the sheriff says need immediate attention.

"We have to get these critical needs addressed.," he added.

Sheriff Ivey says he needs to invest in better AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) for his deputies -- machines that can be the difference between life and death, in an emergency. 

"That's another $200,000 we need for those," Ivey says. 

The sheriff has submitted his critical needs list and now will wait on the Brevard County Commission to respond.