Brevard County lawmaker helps get COVID-19 vaccines for Omni Healthcare

A Brevard County lawmaker helped get COVID-19 vaccines to seniors in his community.

State Representative Randy Fine helped get the vaccines for Omni Healthcare in Brevard County.

"Look, in Brevard County, over 25% of our residents are over the age of 65," Rep. Fine said. "They've got the highest likelihood of something happening. So, we want to get them vaccinated as quickly as we can."

Omni Healthcare received 2,000 doses of the vaccine this week.

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Officials said 1,000 doses were administered on Friday and another 800 were given to people on Saturday.

"It is a preventative treatment so we are very excited, exhilarated, happy. It's an opportunity for us to do what we do every day but on a large scale," Dr. Craig Deligdish, president of Omni Healthcare. 

The hospital assigned staff to administer the vaccines.

Rep. Fine said the hospital is preparing for a larger quantity of vaccines.

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Officials say they are asking people to volunteer to assist in administering the vaccine when that time comes. So far, there have been about 100 volunteers.

"Right now, we can get it into peoples' arms quickly, but there may come a time when we're getting 20,000 or 50,000, which may exceed the capacity of those who have been asked to do this," Rep. Fine said.


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