Brevard County announces school security changes

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Desmond Blackburn held a joint news conference on Monday, outlining a proposal to improve school security.  

Sheriff Ivey is proposing a school marshal program, similar to the air marshal program -- only a school teacher or staff member would volunteer to be vetted, trained, and armed on campus.

"It is not going to be somebody with a concealed carry permit. The proper vetting and training and ... to help protect our children"

The sheriff says volunteers with military and law enforcement backgrounds would be ideal, adding that each armed volunteer would get 132 hours of training, including how to shoot a gun. But there would also tactical training, such as how to clear a building with an active shooter inside. 

The armed school marshal would be in addition to school resource officers, Ivey said. 

"We are in a place where we have to consider things that we've never had to consider before, when it comes to protecting our children in our schools."