Brevard County allows government employees to carry guns

Brevard County Commissioner John Tobia's proposal to allow the county's 2,200 employees who have concealed carry permits to bring their weapons to work is now workplace policy. 

The gun policy went into effect immediately after commissioners voted 5-0 to approve it, but Commissioner Tobia was critical of previous commissions who didn't pass it sooner.

"It's absolutely disgusting that previous county commissions didn't give fundamental Second Amendment rights to county employees"

State law requires concealed carry weapon permit holders be background checked, and show they can safely handle a firearm before they get their permit. Tobia says he trusts county employees with CCW permits to safely bring their weapon to work.

County Manager Frank Abbate says he plans to meet with his department heads to determine if there are any positions that should be exempted from the policy, like county EMTs who ride with critical hurt or injured patients in the back of county ambulances.