Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter pins down burglar

Police said an intruder into a Midtown Atlanta apartment got quite the surprise when a resident who happened to be trained as a martial arts fighter literally stopped the burglar in her tracks. 

"I have a lot of years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience, so it came in handy,"  said Sean Cannon, who said he pinned the burglar down for several minutes as police came and arrested the suspect, identified as Brittany Craig. 

"One less person on the street doing that stuff is pretty good," he said. 

Cannon was already the victim of one burglary, which he discovered Monday when he came home from vacation and discovered his sunroom and Monroe Drive apartment ransacked. Police said the thief stole multiple tools and his roommate's gun. Expensive liquor was also stolen. Cannon said his neighbor in the building also discovered his apartment burglarized over the weekend, too. 

Cannon reported the incident to police. Shortly after police left, Cannon and his girlfriend said they heard noises from an intruder downstairs; Cannon confronted the thief in the sunroom. 

"She had some of my tools in her hands. I just acted, grabbed her, took her down," Cannon said.

"He had his phone out. He had called 911. I was worried that maybe she had a weapon because we know she had taken a gun," said Hope Kepley, suspecting she was behind the initial burglary; after checking the burglar for a gun, she tells FOX 5 News she ran for help from neighbors. 

Police arrived and apprehended Craig, who was taken to the Fulton County Jail on burglary charges. 

Police are working to see if Craig could be tied to other burglaries around Midtown.