Boy shot at birthday party

Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Office say 16-year-old Terrance Givens died late Sunday, after being shot during his birthday party on Saturday. 

Fifty or so family members and friends had gathered in front of the teenager’s home on Kingsland Avenue in the Pine Hills neighborhood for the celebration, when someone started shooting into the crowd, authorities say. 

Investigators say Givens was standing on the front porch when he was shot, and an 18-year-old girl was shot in the ankle.  Deputies say she was treated and released from the hospital, but Givens never recovered. 

Givens would have turned 17 on Monday.   A neighbor, who asked not to be named in this report, told FOX 35 that the gunshots woke her up from a sound sleep.   

“Lots of gun shots, probably 35 to 40.  It sounded like popcorn, popping like popcorn,” said the neighbor. 

Several bullet holes could be seen in the front of Givens’ home; a car across the street had two bullet holes, and a home half way down the block had a bullet hole in it too.  The neighbor told us, when she looked out the window once the gunshots stopped, it was a chaotic scene. 

“Almost like a movie, wild, wild west or something, just running for your life.  They were running everywhere, screaming, yelling, running across the yards, hiding, ducking, screaming and just running.”

The Sheriff's Office says they are still investigating leads and trying to figure out the motive.  At this point detectives say it’s unclear whether Givens was targeted.  

Crimeline is offering a reward of up to $5000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case.