Bodycam: Volusia County deputy clipped by van while on scene of traffic crash

Body-worn camera footage shows a Volusia County deputy on the scene of a traffic crash being clipped by a passing van.  

The video begins with a person appearing to explain to the deputy what happened in the traffic crash. About eight seconds in, the deputy is knocked to the ground in the middle of the witness speaking.  

He then gets up, nearly out of breath, before saying, "I just got hit by a car."

Moments later, the deputy catches up with the van and conducts a traffic stop. The driver gets out and is surprised when the deputy says he hit him. 

Authorities said that the deputy would have risked serious injury had he been closer to the passing van.  Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood emphasizes this incident as an unfortunate reminder to always move over when encountering a vehicle on the shoulder.


"I'm glad we're having this conversation to educate drivers, but six inches over, we're having a whole different conversation," said Sheriff Chitwood. "He's a brand-new dad. You know, think of those things."

Following the incident, the deputy underwent a hospital check-up and has since been released. The driver was issued several citations, and the deputy was evaluated and cleared at the hospital.