Big 'cannibal' alligator drags smaller gator on Florida golf course

Alligator in the wild. (FWC photo by Karen Parker)

A giant alligator carrying a smaller gator in its mouth stunned onlookers in Florida.

Julie Smith of Lakeland posted video on March 8 that shows the larger gator, named "Grandpappy," dragging the smaller reptile, locked in its snout, across a lawn.

"Oh my god, put that gator down," a woman can be heard shouting in the video.

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Smith estimated that the predator was about 20 feet long and the victim was about six feet long. She also wrote in the comments of her Facebook post that she was living in a conversation area but hadn’t seen a gator as big as the one in the video.

(Mobile users watch HERE)

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According to local reports, Florida has an estimated 1.3 million alligators. "With mating season fast approaching, male alligators start to get aggressive and will often kill smaller gators that enter their territory," CBS Miami reported.

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