Big bowl games mean big business for residents near Camping World Stadium

As thousands of fans head into Camping World Stadium for the 2020 Citrus Bowl, homeowners in the area take the opportunity to make some cash.

The Citrus Bowl brings tens of thousands of people to downtown Orlando. Homeowners who living walking distance from the stadium offer up their front lawns for parking anywhere from $10 and up.

“Everybody up and down the whole block, all around the area park cars,” said Jessie Owens

Residents say it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

“Great side hustle,” said Keith Gibbs. “You can make anywhere from $400-500 just parking cars in the yard.”

They say it’s an affordable way for people to find parking nearby Camping World Stadium.

“The parking fills up fast and people don’t have anywhere to park and we have all this free yard so why not?” said Gibbs.

Some residents have been parking cars for years every time there’s a big event at the stadium.

“Just put extra ends in your pocket, but at the same time just making sure people got a good place, a safe place to park,” said Owens.