Bicyclists taking precautions after family hit by car

Police in Altamonte Springs continue to investigate the cause of a crash that killed a baby and injured her parents.  They were all struck by a car as they were on bicycles. 

Residents who live near Maitland Blvd. and Eden Park Road, where the tragic incident occurred, are sad for the couple who lost their baby girl.

"Just devastation for the family...four-month-old little baby, unfortunately being in the wrong place at the wrong time," said Lindsey Grondwalsei.

Investigators said the father was pulling the baby on his bicycle, with the mother alongside, when they were hit by the car.

"I did think about it today on our bike ride. How quickly your life can change on a leisurely bike ride," Grondwalsei added.

She said she took precautions with her daughter on the way to a nearby bike trail.

"When we went on a bike ride today, I made sure everybody stayed back until they crossed. I stayed in the middle of the road until everybody was crossed," she said.  "My heart breaks for that family."

"We just feel safer staying on the trail. We’re newer to the area as well something we feel more comfortable with," neighbor Sky Kellogg said.

Officers said the father is in critical condition, while the mother had to undergo surgery. Her condition was not immediately known.

"It’s a tragedy. It’s something that puts your life into prospective and makes you think twice before crossing the road and makes you aware," Kellogg said.

Altamonte Springs Police have not released the names of the victims.