Huge bear caught sleeping on front porch of Florida home

What would you do if you opened your front door and saw a bear sleeping on your front porch? It happened to a homeowner in Florida.

Chuck Robbins, who lives in Heathrow, said he has seen plenty of bears before, but this one was the largest he's seen; he estimates it weighed at least 375 pounds.

He told FOX 35 in a Zoom interview that he went out earlier in the night because someone spotted a bear near his neighborhood and he wanted to see if he could see it and take a photo and record some video. He came back and went to bed.

Hours later, his neighbor sent him a text letting him know that there was a "big bear" in his front yard. He decided to look out the window first and "he was just laying down, rolling over" right there on his front porch.

"It was amazing. I just walked out, and it was like right there in front of me and so close," said Robbins.

When asked what he thought when he first saw the bear, he jokingly said he hoped the bear was comfortable.