Back to school for Orange County students

Two hundred thousand Orange County students went back to school Monday with hundreds of buses rolling out to get them to class on time Monday morning. 

“The first day of school is an adrenaline rush for me and all of our team; it's what we work hard for all summer,” said Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Barbara Jenkins.

As students made their way to classes Superintendent Barbara Jenkins also went to class. She visited a few schools Monday morning. Her first stop was at an honors pre-calculus class at Boone High School.

This year is the first time all 19 Orange County High School students will have laptops. It was the first time Boone students will get to use them. Teachers told us they are excited to integrate the technology into their lesson plans.

"The laptops will be great because now I can record the lessons so the kids with homework can watch me go over a concept and give them some examples and when they come to class the next day I'll ask for the assignment where they use to do the homework," said Jeff Biery, a math teacher at Boone High School. 

As students settle back into a classroom setting, the district hopes the learning will continue when they're home. "Partner with us at home: read to your children, reading with them, and checking for homework because there will be homework this first week of school,” said Superintendent Jenkins.

The superintendent encourages parents to drop their kids at bus stops tomorrow to prevent traffic jams at the schools. The district says it will be monitoring the 23,000 bus stops and eliminating them if not enough students take those stops.