Baby hospitalized after beating at daycare

Police are trying to figure out who abused a one-year-old boy at an Indianapolis daycare.

The baby’s mother is outraged after finding her son, beaten and abused, after a day at Kiddie Gardens Daycare.

Tiffany Griffin’s son, one-year-old Jesse, had to be hospitalized so doctors could figure out just how badly he was hurt.

When Griffin went to pick Jesse up at Kiddie Gardens Daycare Monday afternoon, her son was barely recognizable. Someone apparently attacked him.

“I hear my son screaming from outside, me and his dad, we hear him screaming. As we go in there he's in a high chair and both of his eyes busted, his lips swollen, top and bottom, scratches all through his face, cuts, blood everywhere,” Griffin remembers.

Griffin admits, she lost her composure when she saw her son.

She says she punched a 22-year-old daycare worker, out of anger.

A police report lists the worker as the suspect but the employee told Griffin that it was another child who assaulted Jesse.

“No way a baby, a two-year-old, and that baby was small, and she didn't look like she was the violent type. And her mom said she wasn't the violent type. And her mom said scratches, her baby might do, but when she seen that picture she started crying and said her baby wouldn't do anything like that,” Griffin said.

Griffin says the worker's response makes her doubt her story.

“She didn't even call the owner. She didn't call the police, she didn't call the ambulance, she didn't call nobody,” Griffin said.

As doctors try to find out if baby Jesse will have any lasting injuries, Griffin is left questioning if she can ever leave her children in someone else's care again.

“I couldn't protect him. And I was trying to do what's best for my kids, like going to the doctor, taking care of my health, going to school. I've been going to school for two years and I just got him into daycare and just when I caught myself getting stuff on track," Griffin said.

Kiddie Garden employees were contacted for this story, but had no comment. The state has since shut down the daycare center.