'Baby Buns' graduates NICU, heads home

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"Baby Buns" is home! Little Kaleb was first made famous when the video of his mother's pregnancy announcement to his father went viral.

Arkell Graves broke down and cried when his wife put some buns in the oven to tell him she was pregnant.

The couple had said they had trouble conceiving when they found out their dreams of becoming parents were about to come true.


A few weeks later, Graves shared a heartbreaking post on Facebook about his wife going into labor early, and the internet poured out their hearts in prayer for the baby, who was coming into the world at just 24 weeks.

Graves asked for prayers on his Facebook page: “As Dana is in critical care, her body has endured all it can take. We are believing God. It’s always been in His Hands, so we hold on to Him. Please keep us in your prayers today and always. We apologize that we are unable to answer every call, text and message, but please know that we appreciate you. Help us thank Him in advance for the miracle that is about to happen. ‪#‎DeliveryDay ‪#‎KeepPraying,” he wrote.

Over the past year since Kaleb's birth, the couple documented his stay and progress in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital and on October 11, Kaleb, nicknamed "Baby Buns," graduated from the NICU.

Baby Kaleb took his first ride in the car headed home where he promptly fell asleep. "This is the time now that we must pray hard," said Arkell Graves. "And just be thankful, because I am right now, yes I am," he said.

"At this very moment, all of my men are asleep under the same roof. Some days I really didn't think that would happen," wrote Dana Graves, who said she never lost faith. WATCH KALEB'S HOMECOMING: (Mobile users click here:)